Verde Basilico

People who love to eat and travel are even better in my opinion! It sure is true for the lovely couple Jerry and Gordana who run Verde Basilico. (From Anne travel foodie’s blog, after she visited us)



Welcome to Verde Basilico (Basil green). Welcome to our quality, traditional Italian Slow Food and thank you so much for joining us. We hope to inspire you with our recipe blog and we hope you will invite us to create home-made, succulent dishes, for you, no matter what the occasion, based on three different formulas:



  • Hosting formula

At your house or place of work, for some 20 people maximum (we could consider larger events; just let us know what we can help you with). Maybe for your party with friends, your

son or daughter’s birthday party, your small wedding, your business convention, your company’s special occasion, etc…We tailor-make the menu with you: perhaps mortadella as a starter? Or straight to a 100% durum wheat pasta with a scrumptious salsa?  To guarantee utmost freshness, the final stages of the event will be prepared at yours. We can take care of your hosting event pretty much anywhere in the BENELUX, Germany and France.  Hip hip hurrayyy to the party and buon appetito to all !

  • Order & Take home formula

We make your evenings and weekend days easier. After a long day at work, pick up a superb meal from us for a maximum of 4 people [Hey, our kitchen in not as big as Les Freres Troisgros in Roanne…:-) ] . Hot, steamy, made with lots of love and attention to detail.

Come to our house, our dining room (and if you are more than 2, say you have some friends,

Home-made Pate’ di olive nere; fresh olives from The Hague Market, which is where most of our ingredients come from

let us know; we’ll probably be able to help you). Located in The Hague, Netherlands, we make it cozy for a tête-à-tête with someone special or simply, you have some friends you wish to invite for a custom-made Italian slow food meal! And if you have a special theme request (red balloons, spumante evening, antipasti only, etc…) we will be happy to create the atmosphere you prefer! More information by clicking here.

AS WE WORK WITH THE FRESHEST INGREDIENTS ONLY, please e-mail or Facebook-message in your request at least 24 hours in advance.