Paté di Olive nere

Fast food, healthy way. Super easy.

Use 170 gr. (6 ounces) of black olives with stone, or 100 ( 3 1/2 Oz) without. Use only good quality. I repeat, use only the best quality you can afford…:-)

Garlic. Start with one clove. If you like your pate to have an attitude, add some more, maybe two all in all.

Optional: 1 anchovy filletpate-di-olive

Two options here: traditional way, with pestle and mortar. Faster, easier way, with a blender. Emergency way, with a sturdy fork…

Use some baguette, in my view, ideally, of the previous day and just slightly toasted. Voila’

Last but not least. If it is for immediate consumption, use only the ingredients above. If, on the other hand, you wish to keep it for a few days in the fridge, put it in a glass jar and cover with a layer of extra virgin olive oil.

2 thoughts on “Paté di Olive nere

    1. For best results I suggest the use of bruschetta: depending on the region of Italy that is being considered, bruschetta can take several forms. However, to keep it nice and simple, use baguette that is one or two days old, so that it can nicely harden. Slice it, sprinkle it very sparsely with water and put it under the grill you have in the oven for a few seconds, till it becomes golden on the upper side. You can choose to repeat the operation on the other side, or not. As an alternative, use a toaster.


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