Our philosophy

Our Philosophy is simple…

Our quality, traditional Italian Slow Food comes, for example, with succulent, freshly made tomato salsa, or delicious lardons sauted in a pan, or, of course, if you are VEGETARIAN or

Vegan torta di pane (succulent bread-like cocoa-based cake)

VEGAN, we will be extremely pleased to compose a superb menu for you. We use the finest pine nuts for that special pesto alla Genovese,

Fresh basil for fresh pesto!

for which we use the traditional recipe of the consorzio per la tutela del pesto Genovese  (a sort of guild that sets the standards for the ingredients to be used for pesto). Pine nuts only for our pesto. No cashew. Traditional recipes only, or dolphin-friendly tuna, the absolute best of Italian extra virgin olive oil…you get the gist…

Our home-made egg tagliatelle

We will be delighted to hear your ideas and work with you on a menu that deeply satisfies your palate, your budget and our desire to eat something special, a bit out of the ordinary.